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the sand wedge guy, if used correctly, only comes into play when someone else has messed something up, and the sad part is that the someone doesn't necessarily have to outrank the sandwedge, it could be someone inferior in the office heirarchy and still the sandwedge must come in and fix the shit cause he's the only one that can. The thing about the sand wedge is, he's ok with it, he knows his role and accepts it, becasue at some point earlier in his career he was given the big job, the lead position ... and he f'd it up.
Jackson: Dude, I can't believe how bad that went in there, how the hell are we going to recover.
Murphy: Sounds like a job for Peter.
Jackson: Peter, he had nothing to do with this mess?
Murphy: That's ok, he's the office sand wedge.
by lastgreatnobody March 28, 2009
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