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The person in the office who perceives their work ethic and productivity to be vastly greater than the other workers. This person often adopts the attitude that doing the work alone is better than cleaning up the mess made by others. This person may be prone to neurotic diplays in temperment. The neurotic office martyr is the worst personality for any type of management position as they will suffer from extreme stress and live in fear of being undermined or undervalued.
Betty: How am I supposed to get all of this work done when I've got people who can't even read a memo!
Alice: Have you tried working with them?
Betty: How can I work with them? I have a huge pile of papers here and no one knows how to do this but me!
Alice: Can't someone else be taught to do it?
Betty: Never mind! I don't know why I come to you. You never support me. I can't even go to the bathroom in this place, I have so much to do!!! I don't know how much longer I should be expected to put up with this!
Alice: Wow, you really are the office martyr.
by Capitoladreamin July 24, 2009
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