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1. n Woman's first name, popularity rank in the U.S. is 2676.

2. name: A female given name (rare: 1 in 50000 females; popularity rank in the U.S.: #2676)

3. The girl's name Odilia \o-di-lia\ is a variant of Odelia (Hebrew) and Odila (Old German), and the meaning of Odilia is "praise God; fortunate or prosperous in battle".

4. Saint Odile (or Odilia and or Ottilia) is the name of two saints venerated in the Roman Catholic Church, both patronesses of good eyesight: Saint Odilia of Cologne (Feastday 18 July) and Saint Odilia of Alsace (Feastday 13 December), although according to the current liturgical calendar their feastdays are not officially commemorated.

5. Another meaning: Little flower.
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by Xihuayotl February 12, 2010
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