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Someone who has at least eight mental diseases. Usually has 8 or more fatherless children.

Physical: Highly dysmophic/metamorphic facial features: High shiny forehead, saddle nose, extreme plethora of the lips. Vaginomegaly. mega-rectum. Impervious to pain even when injured.

Signs of Octopathy: Extreme narcissism. Pathological lying. Hypersexuality leading to multiple pregnancies and fatherless children. Addiction to medical professionals. Aversion to responsibility. Gross immaturity. Parasitic propensities.

Judgement and social conscience: NONE.
An example of an Octopath is Nadya Suleman, mother of the unfortunate La Habra 14.

Fortunately for those who have this challenging mental disorder, they don't have a frigging clue.
by nadya_who December 02, 2009
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