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The combination of an octopus and a peacock made by using demonic energy. Usually found in Japanese cartoon "entertaining" the young females it comes across using it's tentacles in a forcefully erotic manner.
"The octocock went on a rampage leaving 26 high school girls pregnant before going back to his dimension."

Guy1"What happened to Sakura?"
Guy2"She messed around with that bible and Octocock appeared. She had no Chance."
Guy1"At least she didn't get hulk smashed."
by Scythe91 April 20, 2011
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a) an octopus of the sea that has a numerous amount of rather large cocks.
b) a person that has eight rather large cocks attached to him or her.
for a:
As I was scuba diving down into the coral reef, an octocock started attacking me

for b:
Ted-"Woah dude you have an OCTOCOCK!"
Dude-"I know, Ted! It's awesome!"
by Babblers February 15, 2008
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A female in active use of 8 penii, all of which must be manipulated by her simultaneously. A minimum of 2 must be in arse, 2 in vag. Other orifii may be employed at the owner's discretion.
Fuckin 'ell, john lent me a stick flick last night that had an octocock. A fucking OCTOCOCK! Jesus, she must have been sore afterwards.
by cock November 29, 2003
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A man/superhero who's only defining characteristic is/are his eight enormous penises.
When a man and a woman are in love, the man treats the woman to dinner, drinks, dancing, drinks, front rubs and more drinks, before she gets hot and sloppy, removes his pants and works his octocock.
by SalsaShark2 November 25, 2010
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when a chick sits in a spinning computer chair and takes 8 hard cocks to the face... like the ultimate mushroom tattoo
Zach: woow! her cheeks are sooo red!

Nick: right!? she must've taken the octo-cock for hours!
by desean j January 26, 2011
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