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Oceano 13 is a gang that is active in Oceano, California. The gang is largely comprised of methamphetamine addicts and the byproducts of incest. It is estimated that approximately 92% of the gang members share the same DNA. The use of methamphetamine and the copulation of relatives has resulted in the average IQ of an Oceano 13 gang member to be 70 or less. Experts have strong evidence to believe that on average an Oceano 13 gang member can only think about 18 hours into the future, which is an enormous limit in their mental capacity compared to the average human. Although no rival gang exists near Oceano, the gang members can usually be observed imitating the role of real gang members. WARNING: Do not make eye contact with an Oceano 13 gang member for a time span greater than two seconds. They can react aggressively when they have not had their daily intake of methamphetamine or had intercourse with one of their relatives.
Joe: Hey Tom, is that an Oceano 13 gang member?
Tom: Yes Joe, but be careful. That one looks like he hasn't fucked his cousin in a few hours. He might try to get violent.
Joe: Well at least we know he can't fight and worse case scenario he will just swing his arms at me.
Tom: True.
by fshfhf November 12, 2018
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