Blend of "occult" and "culture," coined by Professor Christopher Partridge.

Hidden culture. A sub culture within Western modern culture. The appropriation by a subculture of occult themes (New Age, etc.) in opposition to the dominant culture. A culture influenced by modern and post-modern literature and art, originating from the occult sciences - as understood by pre-Christian and subsequent unorthodox interpretations of the gospels, esoteric writings and Eastern sources.

An area of music, writing, visual art and para-religious practices stemming from the the occult. Heavily influenced by occultists such as Aleister Crowley, Gerald Gardner, Dion Fortune, Anton LaVey, Robert Anton Wilson, Austin Osman Spare and Brion Gysin.
Coil Current 93 Anton Robert Wilson Aleister Crowley Wicca paganism John Zorn Danny Carey Tool Brian Butler OTO Golden Dawn Freemasonry masonic Willian S. Burroughs Brion Gysin occulture
by Peter Pendragon November 27, 2013
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The practice of actively withholding creative activity from the public domain in order to either preserve its essence or evolve it along lines which are contrary to the norm.
Everyone keeps ripping my ideas off! Why can't they think of something themselves. To hell with it all, I'm starting my own occulture and no one is going to know jack.
by BenNCM May 18, 2011
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