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A person who changes into a mythical creature who's purpose of existence is to snort a maximum amount of OxyContin as much as possible without dying. You must be very wary of these creatures. An OcGoblin never has money and will do anything possible to get it. An OcGoblin also will regularly ask his friends and family for money and make up excuses for why he needs money. Signs that your friend is an OcGoblin include him regularly asking to be spotted 50 dollars, rarely being able to form sensible and complete sentences, often mumbling jibberish, barely being able to open his eyes and/or focus, dipping out, and doing the Oc-head shuffle.
Yo did you see how many Oxys Maz snorted last night?
Yeah he's such an OcGoblin, he was dippin like dots!
by The OcGoblin May 12, 2008
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