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(noun) the result of a completely incompetent democratic administration that cares more about open borders with no enforcement of immigration laws than it does the health of its own legal citizens with respect to emerging diseases. Symptoms are usually expressed by playing lots of golf, downplaying the dangerous nature of the disease to stem calls for more immigration enforcement and a more secure border (along with the deportation of illegal immigrants in the country), constantly blaming the previous administration for your own failures, and generally running the entire country into the ground.
Looks like obola is taking it's toll on the nation. The president is doing another round of golf as yet another potential case tests positive for ebola in the United States...

The president says we need to keep the borders open and give amnesty to illegal immigrant teenagers (most of whom have criminal records in their home countries) despite Liberian nationals trying to cross the southern border illegally... Yet another case of obola....
by Cato the Wise October 13, 2014
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