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An unnecessarily hard and annoying knock on your front door.

This knock is usually performed by lonely children from the ages of 13-24 or old people who's partner has died.

The knock that the door recieves can often shatter fragile glass, or chip off paint from poorly painted doors. This unneccesarily loud knock can also startle people.

Obknockious people have been proven to supply at least 2% of heart attacks in the USA. 1% in Canada.

Many people who knock like this will not receieve answers.


Another symptom of being obknockious is being a dumbass and continually ringing your door bell in burst fires of 3-4. 2 rings is manageable, but then they cross the line.


To make sure you don't become obknockious, make friends early in life, and dont be afraid to make sexual advances on custy women to avoid loneliness.

See faggot for more symptoms.
*BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG* (At the level of approximately 830 decibels) *RING RING RING RING* *RING RING RING RING*

Sally: Ah, fuck. Don't answer it. It's just obknockious Bonnie coming over to tell me she saw a chipmunk or something

Ted: Fuck that bitch.
by W-Supra09 June 30, 2009
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