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A existential idea more than a word or definition per se. Anyone on XBoxLive with this gamer tag is not only magnanimous but well endowed and intelligent. He is cock-strong and always ready to finger-fuck the classiest of all the ladies. He carries himself with an unusual swagger...mostly due to his inordinate and overwhelmingly sized cock. This enormous monster-sized, ding-dong is his only weakness. Both the length and girth are unmatched which lends to his unwavering ego when he beats the snot out of his opponents during any game of Madden!

Disclaimer: any further definition below this that is not regaling me with banal minutia, is both untrue and that person will forever be known as one of my cock-suckers who swallows the golden load of my giant wang who I coincidentally kick in the "gooch" or cunt!
"Anyone named Eric is to be obeyed, revered and to have his cock sucked on the spot...ObeytheE"!
by ObeytheE February 03, 2010
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