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A site that lures you into a site called justhookup by creating a fake automated-response chat with a supposedly horny girl who lives in the same area as you. The city you live in will appear in the chat section and the automated response will use it in the chat. "She" directs you to a sexual meetup site called justhookup that claims to be free, yet whenever any of the other automated response "horny girl" members of the site try to contact you in anyway you are forced to buy a membership, after buying said membership you recieve an email regarding technical difficulties and how they are offering a new "3 months for the price of 1 special deal" this repeats over and over until you stop buying memberships. The site is mostly advertised through omegle and any social networking sites.
Guy 1-"Have you ever been to that site called obeymywish? Some hella hot chick in my neighborhood was on there and she chatted me and convinced me to buy a year long membership in exchange for topless pictures of her which I haven't recieved yet."
Guy 2-"Are you retarded?"
by nileriver8888 February 06, 2012
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