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(n) a combination of the words "Obama" and "parasites"

It refers to people who intentionally do not work and who exploit the welfare and disability system to live for free off of the Government.

Additionally, many of them are continually running scams to gain more free Government monies; such as taking out loans (that they never plan on repaying) from the Federal Student Loan program; and such as filing false Earned Income Credit claims; selling the Social Security number(s) of their many illegitimate children to working friends, etc., with the Internal Revenue Service.

They are parasites, as they only take from the host. This often results in the host becoming sickened or even dying... just as these people are killing the U.S. and the welfare, and Social Security Disability systems.
Did you just hear that the Government spend $1.028 TRILLION on welfare last year!

"Holy crap! Those Obamasites are living better than we are--and I work 40 hours a week. What does that come out to... 24,000 tax-free dollars per welfare-4-life scumbag? No wonder they don't want to look for a job."
by mike49304 on Oct 21, 2012
by mike49309 October 21, 2012
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Obama supporters who, in one form or fashion, are parasites on society. They are leeches on society and can be anything from parasitic lawyers to lazy welfare collectors.
Peggy the Moocher is SUCH an Obamasite! She gleefully voted for Obama thinking she will never have to worry about paying for her mortgage or gas again. Eternitard!
by SelfSufficient November 20, 2008
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