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Someone living in denial that won't acknowledge the new President isn't living up to his Campaign promises. Usually they had such high hopes during the election, they refuse to acknowledge the above and under no circumstance will criticize the President. This may be a psychological need to feel better about having voted for him. Usually an Obamasist is a white person that voted for the candidate based on his skincolor to pacify their white guilt conscience, or someone living off the welfare system whose only interest in politics is "My guy got in." An Obamasistic person will remain ever optimistic about Obama through any hardship Americans will endure under his presidency, even if his policies may effect them directly. Any pain experienced under this administration will always be someone elses fault in an Obamasist's mind.
Betty hated the Iraq War, but now that Obama is in office, she's all gun-ho about sending more troops into afghanistan! What an Obamasist!

When I said Obama was a black George Bush, Shaquina punched me in my face. She must be another Obamasist
by Marcy May November 10, 2009
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