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See; Greece
Fast-forward 10 years and see; the United States

the act of disincentivizing ambition, wealth, and progress. Man's struggle with himself is the battle of lethargy v ambition. By taking away from the rich (ambitious) and giving to the poor (lethargic) through socialist tax tactics, man will have no reason to aspire to greatness. Incentivizing lethargy secures the end of progress and humanity will have no choice but to enter a stage of de-evolution. Why work when you will not reap the benefits of what you sow, but instead have to support those unwilling to do what is necessary to allocate themselves on the appropriate side of the v.
I had big dreams and ambitions. I was going to be a captain of industry. But now thanks to Obamahood the harder i work the better off someone other than me is while my standard of living remains the same so i guess I'll just free ride like everyone else in my entitlement society.
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