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The political milieu witnessed by the USA during the election year 2008.
"Did you hear what Barack Obama's preacher said THIS time? This Obamadrama gets better every day!".
by steve freund March 25, 2008
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Any of the drama that you hear about on the news, or read in the papers relating to the President(ial Candidate) Barack Obama.
Man, I caught some of the Obama Drama on the news last night. It's getting ridiculous now.
by Vinuash August 14, 2007
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The drama comes as a result of someone not liking Obama, what ever the reason.

The reason (if strong enough, and if the media doesn't try to cover it up.) will occasionally end up on the news. Often fallowed by people crying racism.
Ex 1.
Person1: I heard that Megan doesn't like Obama.
Person2:Ooo. That's going to cause some Obama Drama!

Ex 2.
Interviewee1: I disagree with Obama's police on Health Care, and his pastor makes me wary of him.

News Caster: Interviewee2, what do you have to say?

Interviewee2: I think interviewee is a racist.
by Life is but a Game. January 12, 2009
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Making a big deal out of some event or some massive celebration. (definition subject to change, lol)
Baby, you know I hate surprise parties, all that Obama-drama gives me a headache.
by Ruption! January 23, 2009
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Referring to the gossip and media hysteria of Senator Barack Obama and his potential to run for President of the U.S. in '08.
Jim: Did you hear about Obama and John Howard getting into it over the war in Iraq?

Bob: Nah, I don't follow all this Obama Drama. I'm all for Giuliani in '08.
by zionsrogue February 13, 2007
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Any type of general "drama" created by Barak Obama and anything he's done.

Most often refer's to all the drama built up over the church that Obama attends.
Person#1:Well i dunno man, i mean if it was something he only did on christmas and easter, but he has been attending that church for like 20 years!!
Person#2:Yeah and that crazy priest married him and his wife!!!
Person#3-(who just walked in) sick of you guys and all you Obama outta here...
by Felix Vennegaldi March 20, 2008
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