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Under the guise of democracy, Obama has turned our nations politcal system into HIS vision where everything is done the way he & the rest of the democratic party want it done, with no bi-partisanship, no questions asked & regardless of what the people OF THIS COUNTRY want!!!
People are so blind as to what Obama is doing to this country. Its an Obamacracynot a democracy!! Obama can do no wrong in his sheeple's eyes
by J DIZZLE BIZZLE April 18, 2009
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A socialist and unconstitutional dictatorship. This term especially applies to the so-called democracy under the rule of former PresidentBarack Obama (2009-2017) and the fraudulent claims of supporting human rights and equality for all American people.
Obamacracy was a failed political movement.
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by Type2GenomeManiac June 06, 2017
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