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a term some fuckwit bushnesiac republitards use to discribe the Bush Depression
The Bush Administration slashed taxes for the wealthy while spending massive amounts of money on the bush war in Iraq, which created huge budget deficits. This along with deregulation of business caused a collapse of the financial sector and the worst economy since the Great Depression. Since Obama will be the one that has to clean up this mess Bushies call it the Obama Depression.
by Michael_Hunt July 25, 2009
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The economic depression shituation caused by Barack Obama's and Nancy Pelosi's spendthriftful porculus legislation, overtaxation, and socialistic policies causing excessive nation-wide multislacking, all of which dragged the US economy even farther down immediately following the Bush-Pelosi Recession.
What happened to the Obamaniacs? Way back during the Obama Depression, long before you chillins were born, their obamania faded to intaxication and then to fear and loathing as their investments dried up, they lost their jobs, their houses were foreclosed on, their cars repoed, and their insomnia led them to domestic violence and then to divorce. They rioted in the streets nightly burning capitalists’ mansions and government buildings. The stress of it all caused hypertension and heart attacks and most of them died off as dried up shells of their former vibrant Obama worshiping liberal selves.
by Ur Daddie March 05, 2009
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