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The worst police department, EVER!!! They don't do shit about the heavy crime in Oakland. It takes forever for them to show up after you report a crime. 69% of all the homicides in Oakland are never solved. They sit around and do nothing whatsoever, but they still collect overtime pay just for working a late night homicide. They're known for police brutality and the "Oakland Riders" incident. Look it up so you know what I'm talking about. As I type this up someone is probably getting shot or shot at and the O.P.D. are doing nothing.
Cop 1: Well he is most definitely dead...

Cop 2: We should harass innocent people and the community to try and get someone to tell us who did it.

Cop 1: I honestly don't care. I mean, we make about $98,000 a year. We shouldn't even try. The case might not get solved anyway.

And this is why Oakland Police Department ain't shit...
by It'sslimmmm November 21, 2013
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