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Ovf or Ofv is a term used to describe an idea or event of genius or amazing stature. It can also be used as a confirmation of approval when used with the post fix "some".
With the pre fix of pretty it can be used as a statement of surprise at the grander of the idea, plan or object.
statement - "i think we should get drunk through a dart at a
map then tomorrow go on a road trip there"
response - "ovf"

statement - "Kyshera and Age of Heroes are playing a gig
tonight want to go?"
response - "ovfsome!"

statement - "Have u ever realised that Girls Allowed are the
best band ever if u just turn off the sound and
watch the video"
response - "that's pretty ovf" or "that's pretty ovfsome"
by spoiler50p January 24, 2006
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Supposedly a reference to a type of deejaying move or something like that.

However, I really have no fucking clue.

Someone, please define this acronym.
"OVF motherfucker!!"
by eh-wreck November 30, 2003
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