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A very crazy touchy (literally, touchy) creature that is very lively and bright. This creature loves eating so much, that the only thing they say is IM HUNGRY. That's all you will hear. They are quite the annoyance. They do it on purpose. Just to see your annoyed reaction. Sometimes moody, this living thing is quite a handful to take care of. This creature loves food. Spicy food. If you want to make them happy, give them a bottle of hot sauce, and you are ready to be happy for the rest of the time the hot sauce lasts.

This creature is also known as, ou, fathead, or yam.
O.O coooool that girl is holding a bottle of hot sauce going to french class... must be an oudannette.

Holy did you see that person's bowl of food? All I saw was hot sauce!!!

Ou be like torturing me for a hug. .....
by CAPSCAPSCAPS123 September 03, 2014
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