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The rivarly between Ohio State University and the University of Michigan; one of the fiercest, largest, and greatest rivarlies in college sports, steeped in tradition and known to spawn nothing short of full-scale madness.
This rivarly was intensified by the work of the late Woody Hayes (former OSU coach) and the late Bo Schembechler (former Michigan coach), who left storied legacies behind them.

Current record:
Ohio State University-40 wins
University of Michigan- 57 wins
Ties- 6
How to Identify a Buckeyes fan:
-Bleeds scarlet and grey.
-Wears scarlet and grey.
-Has a shrine to Woody Hayes.
-Can recite whole OSU team roster.
-Constantly refers to "that team up North" or "the evil empire up North".
-Can be seen yelling "O-H" while forming letters over head (to resulting shout of "I-O!"
-Lives for watching the OSU vs. Michigan game.

How to identify a Michigan Fan:
-Bleeds blue and maize.
-Wears blue and maize.
-Will even wear blue and maize in the middle of Columbus on game day.
-Can recite whole Michigan team roster.
-Can be heard yelling "Go Blue!"
-Lives for the OSU vs. Michigan game.
by killerfiller November 18, 2006
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