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San Francisco OPTX. A Counter-Strike: Source clan consisting of an eminent CS player, unsuccessful CS player and three "Source players" who sucked enough cock (and at 1.6) when the game first came out. The team is currently competing at the "CGS," a "professional" gaming league with similarities to the NBA, NFL, etc. The members of the team (in order of the above), are: Phamtastic (fat guy), P0s (also fat, but not as fat as "Phamtastic"), Warmach1ne (Skinny black guy), Clown (Arab, looks like the "Elite Crew Model in CSS"), and Moe (Also Arab; is buff, loved xtina, and is good friends with the "AWP").

OPTX was formerly known as "EFGaming," one of the few CS:S teams who continued to thrive even after "The Awakening"*

* - The Awakening - The noun describing the time period where old CS teams made the "switch" to CS:S, subsequent to the announcing of CGS, etc.
TP: Jardo, you got a new Steam ID? Did you get VAC'd?
Jardo (trying to change the subject): UM, did you hear L.A. OPTX just beat Chicago Chimera?

CS:S Forum Whore: OPTX just beat JMC! Source Rules!
Another Forum Whore: Sweet, I once pugged with Clown and Moe! Clown gave me tips on how to plant a bomb, and Moe taught me how to be a better sharpshooter! Source kids FTW!
by PARKNESS MONSTER August 22, 2007
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