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OP Mace is a secluded Observation Post near the Pakistan Border in the northern Kunar Province of Afghanistan. At one time, there was just one platoon of soldiers there that pulled bull shit 6 hours on and 6 hours off guard with 5 hour details on their off time and never got any sleep. A majority of the time they filled hesco's with pick axes and shovels because of this one douchebag NCO. At a later date the prophecy fulfilled itself and another platoon came to the mountain top to help with the massive details and fill hescos on the side of a mountain that fell over time and time again because of a dirty ginger who had no common sense. And another time the hescos fell over again on Thanksgiving of 09 and the soldiers could not enjoy the holiday until these hescos were filled once again so the douchebag NCO cound suck the dicks of the higher ups coming to say hello.
Douchebag: "OP MACE shall be a fortress when you look at it from the LZ!!!"

Ginger: "I'm going to put these shit cans in the hescos so it fills it more"

Smart Ass: "Boy, I sure do miss OP MACE"
by rodlikestoparty May 10, 2011
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