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A man who likes to drool over, fantasize about and look at other women who are usually half dressed or naked for fun. This type of man also does this in committed relationships to keep him from cheating. These type of men also like the attention they get from strippers because it strokes their egos. It won't matter how their gf or wife looks or treats them. They have to get their look and feel on to be satisfied. He's an oogler.
Look at this fool in the strip club holding unto the stripper like she's his woman and watching her and every other bitch like a hawk. Man he's an oogler.

"Yeah man I'm going to this steak house where women are half dressed in short shorts to get my look on." This dudes an oogler.

A man who likes to go to strip clubs for entertainment The entertainment is to entertain his fantasies by looking at naked women and letting them stroke his ego with their naked bodies by getting a table dance being a oogler with his eyes. It can also be a man that like to look at other women without their knowledge and get hot over it. An oogler.
by friendabootyexpacaladosius August 14, 2011
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