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On It To Shit Yourself
To get so drunk on alcoholic beverages you lose both physical and mental control over your bodily functions and end up shitting yourself. For a truly OITSY experience a number of Jagerbombs must be consumed. OITSY is that stage preceded by OTV (On it To Vomit) and proceeds in a hangover.
OITSY is a desired state of intoxication and represents a perfect night out for which the intention was to go out and get absolutely hammered.
The acronym was first expressed in March/April 2009 and originated on the Cambridgeshire/Norfolk boarder but has since spread to Las Vegas, London, Birmingham and Lincolnshire.
Tel: Dan, you're letting the side down! Are you being a lightweight again.
Dan: No Tel, I'm planning on getting fucking OITSY tonight, get me a Jagerbomb bitch.

Matt: Who's coming for a night out in Lynn to get OITSY.
Si: Not me mate, I'll be driving.

Will: Did you see Dave last night; he threw up twice.
Dave: I was one stage away from a truly OITSY experience.
by mhs.massive April 05, 2010
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