OIAA stands for "One In An ARMY" and is a collective effort by BTS's fans ARMY to use their huge numbers and social media power to make a positive impact on humanity and the world. Since BTS' mission is to help and heal people with their music, ARMY has decided to do the same. ARMYs commit to supporting a different charity or humanitarian organization every month by having OIAA research good causes and then set up the donation process. They use microdonations so that even ARMYs with very little money to spare can add their "one" to the entire effort and create real change for people around the world. Every ARMY is "One In An ARMY" and every "one" can make a difference.
Between OIAA projects, fanbase fundraisers, and hashtag campaigns, BTS' ARMY has raised more than $2M dollars in 2018 alone.
by LowkeyARMY July 19, 2018
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