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The best (and most) low-key rapper in Detroit, Michigan. He has produced dozens of freestyles so far and doing instrumental work with them, and he can be a killer DJ sometimes. At the age of 17, he is one of the youngest people to hit da mic and put freestyles on instrumental tracks. He got a stupid ass swag that is unmatched and he is practically unstoppable when he raps under the influence of marijuana (kush) and/or liquor with a high proof (like 1800) You can see some of his sample vids on Youtube (if still available) and read his facebook notes for his latest writings; he has not yet recorded his lyrics onto any tracks because of lack of equipment, but keep checking for updates because he just might be next year's hottest rapper. DISCLAIMER: HE IS NOT AFFILIATED, NOR DOES HE IMPERSONATE, OJ DA JUICEMAN IN ANY WAY BESIDES NAME. he got his own flow and unique style that wil impress most of the locals, if not the entire city.
OG da Juiceman sayin wat da dizzle, workin in da gym makin sure i'm always chiseled, i'm so deadly like a nuclear missile, i don't need a referee, you just blew da whistle" Nigga 1: "What the hell are you listenin to?" Nigga 2: "OG Da Juiceman, he is a new baller comin out da dirty glove." Nigga 1: "I'm usually shady when it comes to new meat but he's pretty tight, especially wit dem lyrics" Nigga: "I know right, it makes Gucci and Weezy think twice about underestimating young school niggas, real talk.
by ogdajuiceman June 28, 2010
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