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a "code"(spell it out so the tweaker dont know your talking bout them ) term to describe when someone appears or seems to be all skitzed out........the good shit!
seeing the 7 eleven clerk twitch and pucker lips trying and really beliving she was sexy made him say, "damn, she is O.N.I.T!
by The one and only BK April 03, 2012
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Two people who are flirting a lot but not in a relationship stage - perhaps one wants a relationship but the other doesn't. Basically two people who spend a lot of time together but aren't necessarily dating.
Bob: Yo Mike, are Pedro and Lauren going out?

Mike: Nah, they're just onit.
by john96 August 22, 2011
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to be kind of in a relationship with a guy/girl, but not fully committed any MAYBE not exclusive/monogomous. baically you like eachother and are sexually active, but dont call eachother girlfriend and boyfriend
people who hate committment should be on it-eg teenag boys
girl:i saw you kissing with adam before, are you going out now?

girl2: nah, we're he's not my boyfriend, we're just on it, innit, just link whenever
by miaraaa November 18, 2010
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"I'm on it." means 'I have it covered' or 'I will do it very shortly'.
"Yeah, don't worry dude, I'm on it."
by Diego July 18, 2003
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A Common term amongst New Zealanders aged 16-25. It simply involves consuming large quantities of alcohol over a period of time.
Its pretty shit that i failed that exam but don't worry i'm onit!

Its saturday night, you better get onit cunt!!
by cuntslayer20 October 26, 2012
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If someone is "on it" they are trying to get with, or are already dating, a member of the opposite sex.
I saw you with some chick in town yesterday. Are you on it?
by Ohohoho July 09, 2010
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if your want to do something or if you like someone you would say oh im on that.
u go n meet girls n 1 boy asks the other "are u on her" (do u like her)
u wanna go 2 a football match and u ask sum1 "Are u on it" (do you want to do that)
by ObsessiveG August 10, 2007
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