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A term used to describe, what should be a medical condition, where the affected person is obsessed with a current or ex lover that is a douchebag of some description. This is a generally unhealthy condition where, despite abuse, cheating, and blantant attempts at breaking up with them, the person will still take back an ex and accept their apology for the ump-teenth time. There usually is an abundance of advice from family and friends to advoid the Douche but this person still thinks the two of them should be together forever.
Me: Susie must have O.C.D.D.. She keeps taking Andrew back over and over after he cheats on her, gets another girl pregnant, packs all of her stuff up and moves her out, lies about hanging out with other girls and moves to a different state altogether.

You: Yeah, that definitely sounds like a case of O.C.D.D (Obsessive Compulsive Douchebag Disorder).
by Far Far Away August 29, 2010
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