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The opposite of a paedophile. A person younger than the age of 16, who fancies someone who is over the age of consent.
Person 1: Gary's 14, but he likes OLDER women.
Person 2: Well then, he's an O.A.Paedo.
by Wrayman May 25, 2009
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Someone who is sexually attracted to older people.

Pronounced "oh ay peedo".
Guy #1: Dude Madonna is so freaking hot!
Guy #2: Are you serious!? She's like 75!
Guy #1: She's still hot, asshole!
Guy #2: You're such an OAPaedo.
by Beeth September 22, 2007
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When one finds the much older woman very attractive going out his way to make a advance on her..
Manhead and Anal Dong went to Luton on a course, Anal Dong was trying to bust some moves on a old hoe at the brache, Manhead called Anal Dong a OApaedo,
by tobycavery1 February 17, 2009
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