After you give someone a pink sock, you cut the sock off and wear it on your wrist.
Guy 1, "Dude, check out your wrist! You killed her o-ring! No, you dominated her o-ring! That's some crazy ass O-ring Domination!"

Guy 2, "Yeah, I don't play around."
by Wafflepjs November 30, 2010
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while having sexual intercourse thru the anus right before ejaculation the man punches his partner in the neck. her body freezes up clenching the butt hole on the males shaft. as he forces his dick out the o ring comes out of the anus. he then cuts it off very precisely and either wears it as a bracelet or necklace for a souvenir.
while fucking this girl i O Ring Dominated her and i still wear her on my wrist daily.
by Gangle monsters May 7, 2009
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