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A kind person,until u fuck with him,he is loyal,sexy,and a good friend,He/She is very good at kicking people's ass,he pulls all the girls,not fake,and Has a big dick,all girls say he doesn't,but deep down they know,Also is very good at any sport u tell him/her to play, doesn't cheat ,even though all the people they been with will cheat on them,Also alot of time he/she is in there feelings alot,can sweet talk anyone ,And lastly Nyile is the best friend, person,boy friend, friend you'll ever meet
Girl1:Damn Nyile,He kicking ass at everything
Girl2:I know right ,has the looks ,great at sports,and is just breath taking
Girl1:Well it's a good thing you got him
Girl2:Yeah but,I had sex with his Best Friend yesterday,he doesn't know though
by Danish Witherspoon May 07, 2018
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A guy with dreads that is lightskin and also useless and can beat any person in ufc. Also rages in reality
He is such a nyile when he's mad
by Kyler shanman April 23, 2018
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