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a form of perfection, the essence of angelic beauty. Nuzhat is a name given to those who not only bring love and bliss to everyone around them, but effortlessly finds a way into your heart and soul. a woman so amazing that you could only question what great deeds you must have done to be lucky enough to meet her.
she was Nuzhat.
by mewwmeww May 16, 2016
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A wonderful being.
In Arabic the name means "Smiling Sweetly, Sweetly Smiling"
People called Nuzhat are normally late and are procrasinating. Many are then nicknamed "Delayyyyyyed".
Many go into engineering work or other mechanical fields.
"Nuzhat, where are you?! You're an hour late! Delayyyyyyyyyed."
by Hannah Here. April 16, 2008
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