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new-vo nah-tsee

Nuvo - from "Nouveau" the gay "Art Nouveau" movement that began in early Nazi Germany.

Nazi - German political party that once shared time with the Art Nouveau movement.

a leftist hate group known for traditional Nazi behaviors in regards to retardation, blacks, and foster a deep hatred toward Christianity as well as anyone who isn't gay and like minded in regards to the two aforementioned demographics.

online usernames known to be members of the Nuvonazis include Pewdiepie and Mylittlepwny.

known Nuvonazi activities include propaganda supporting the Waco and Ruby Ridge sieges as well as a general support for the ATF.

Nuvonazis are known for supporting the creation of a totalitarian police state and voiding disability entitlements.

Nuvonazis greatly support Bill Clinton and praise the changes he made to SSDI and his Don't ask, Don't Tell policy as well as his leaving states the power to redefine what constitutes as a Marriage. this suits their needs as it forces gays to inhabit the same areas so that they can solidify centers of political power.

Nuvonazis currently have/attempt to populate and politically dominate places such as California, Portland Oregon, Madison, WI.
Nuvonazis also share Neo-Nazi hatred for African Americans as it is Known to them that blacks are a predominantly an anti-gay demographic.

Nuvonazis have been known to write for Adventure Time.

Nuvonazis currently work to micromanage against casual cussing(only exception when posting to 4chan where they perform Operation CHAOS activities for a seemingly centrist benificiary but ultimately for top wage earning plutocratic fascists)

Nuvonazis have close ties to the entertainment industry and online social media.

Nuvonazis will often characterize themselves as "Professional students" and manipulate the system to stay in collage indefinitely.

Nuvonazis permeate the online gaming industry as it's a predominantly juvenile male demographic which they're sexually attracted to.

Nuvonazis often take on male pedophile Pedofag mannerisms to heavy extremes.

AkA "Lavender Mafia" perceived Operation CHAOS elements within the Catholic church

Nuvonazis are often found being irrationally pedantic in regards to the use of the English language(spelling punctuation etc) and abhor slang/cussing.


Mylittlepwny- I hope you never reproduce you retard.
Pewdiepie- you can say that again baby!
by WordRepoMan May 03, 2013
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