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slang) for someone who has both a nutsack and a vagina. Noun also: I will kick you in the Nutvag. This also helps if you are uncertain as to the gender of the person you will be kicking. Also if a woman is being overly aggressive, and generally hates men, and loves to be a real monster, you can say "man she's really gotta Nutvag!!

The same goes for a man, if he's really acting like a woman on her period, emotional, kinda bitchy, and is just showing no manly traits whatsoever, you could say " dude, put away your Nutvag" or "oh I could see you're wearing your Nutvag today."

It's kinda like someone wearing their ovaries on the outside. Lol It's great because it works great for both men and women.
If you don't shut up, I'm gonna kick you in the nutvag!!

You know Bob? Well I saw him yesterday and he was acting like he was on his period!

Yeah I know he was acting like a real nutvag!!
by Cypher888 December 29, 2010
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