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A game for people 14+, It consists of 3 or more MEN sitting in a circle and throwing rocks at eachothers nuts.

1.No Trampolines (Pants that are so tight that they bounce the rock off the nut before hitting it)

2.No Boulders (Rocks in excess of 7 in diameter)

3.Contestents are only allowed to leave the circle when they are getting ammo or in extreme pain, their nuts are still allowed to be hit BUT the CAN block.

4. No Blocking (Use of hands or other objects to block the nuts) Blocking results in penalty shoots from all players.

5. Penalty shots are only awarded when a man blocks his nuts, all players get free shots at the nuts of the accused player and that player is not allowed to throw a rock during the penalty shot(s)

6. Blocking of penalty shots results in immediate removal from game, No Exceptions.

7. No Women because they lack testicles.

8. There is no winner, Unless all others leave the game. But typicly when rocks are thrown at everybodys nuts noone wins.


Nutrock was invented by two men Don and Bob, Don started throwing rocks at Bobs testicles and the game just evovled.
Me: Lets Play Nutrock!
Others: Ok!
*Gets in a circle*
Me: Go!
*Fun ensues*
by One of the First Players August 09, 2011
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A person of simple intelligence liable to idiocy; a cretin.
And then some nut rock started monging all over me and I had to get the hell out of there.
by I.S.P. March 25, 2009
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