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Nutritionality is a concept. Usually employed by tightwads, Ross shoppers, and poor college students, Nutritionality is also a way of life. The goal is to get as full as possible while spending the least amount of money. For this reason, free food contains an undefined amount of nutrition (undefined in the sense that the amount of newts or nuts consumed is divided into the price, which is zero). It is so free and nutritious that there is no unit of newts or nuts that can define it. In the light of Nutritionality, it is essential to binge eat when such opportunities arise (Ex. Graduation Parties, Buffets, and others houses). Also see Nutrition
Example 1: Tyler hates tomatoes, but four slices came with his meal. Tyler will eat those four tomato slices because that is nutrition.

Example 2: "Wow I'm incredibly full from eating so much at this restaurant, but I still have food left on my plate and so does my friend. If I believe in Nutritionality I will not only force the rest of my food down, but also eat my friends if they are not nutritionists."
by T-Bone Maly August 13, 2005
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