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Also known as the pivot man, this the guy in the middle of the gay 3 way. He enjoys guzzling everything his buddy up front hand feeds him while at the same time relishing the anal pounding he is being delivered at the other end.

Often used to identify someone who is exhibiting attributes so gay that neither Nut Guzzler or Ass Whore will suffice on their own.

Also can be used to describe someone who is such a complete douche bag AND ass kisser extraordinaire.
Guy 1: dude, have you seen that new guy down in the receiving department? I swear he's the biggest queer I've ever met!

Guy 2: he so belongs in receiving, that Nut Guzzling Ass Whore made a pass at me yesterday when I went to pick up my new stapler

Guy 1: damn, Steve bent me over again on my performance review! He took credit for that new account that I just landed.

Guy 2: now you see why everyone calls him the office Nut Guzzling Ass Whore! The boss will give him your bonus for sure now.
by RomadDeez February 21, 2010
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