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A Nunihorn is a dog, basically with unicorn characteristics. (horn, tail, hooves) Male nuni's grow wings at the age of 13yrs, and both genders are born with their unicorn horns. There are both male and female nunihorns however, if selecting a nunihorn for a pet, be sure that you select the right one for you. Female nuni's quite often are more expensive than male nuni's due to their overwhelming love of pink. Male nunihorns also need alot of attention. Nunihorns are quite easily house trained, and can understand both simple and complex commands (eg. go get me a beer nuni). However, if treated badly, and made to work to much, a nunihorn will die.
"Daddy, I want a NUNIHORN!" *nunihorn appears* "...dammit",

Can be found in the wild near lakes, waterfalls, and streams.
by Kabbabie June 14, 2010
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