A Nulto is a person who likes men. Usually when you play games with them, they find a way to use TFTactics and cheat, even if you play normals. A Nulto whines a lot about their League Of Legends games and reminds you of your uncle that used to rape you a lot. It is also common that they have a small dick, and they brag all day about how big it is. Their ego is as large as their feet and they commonly have a god complex. Occasionally they have a sister complex, and is into orange and red furys while e girls are what they watch on a daily basis on Twitch. They claim that they hate anime, even though they watch hentai 20 hours a day even tho they cant eject cum.
Oh god he's such a Nulto
That Nulto should jump out from a bridge
I do not associate with Nultos
I hate Nultos.
by Nulto4 May 11, 2021