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An impenetrable barrier made from the extraction of purified potential energy from anything mith a molecular composition. It has three methods of performance: (1) Reflect- It abosorbs the object as well as its kenetic energy, and reforms it from out of the barrier at the exact opposite trajectory with the converted kinetic energy.

(2) Absorb- It absorbs all the nullspace energy within the object, as well as converting the mass of the object into energy. All energy is converted into a compatible energy form that will not corrupt the flow balance.

(3) Top Secret

(4) Prototye Phase, Top Secret

Additional info-

It can be set to act as a filter, allowing some objects through but not others.

It looks kinda like this in IRC: @
My Nullspace Energy Shield transcends all possiblity of my defeat, and thus I am untouchable.
by Bo The Destroyer September 29, 2003
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