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Pronounced \nuck\, v.
A cult (kvlt) initiation in which a candidate must kneel on the ground with their crotch protruded forth. The leader then hits them in the nuts with a bass drum pedal (preferrably a double pedal). This is followed by the denukhing where the person second in command merely stomps the candidates crotch thus leaving them with a whole lot of pain to go through. This process was invented by the blackmetal band Forest of Grey as a joke and have forced various people into going through this faux-ritual process. Now they just threaten their enemies with it.
Nick had to be held to the ground when he was being nukhed.
Dan will nukh only the willing with his DW pedal.
Nukh Nathan, he will cry...
Mr.T was the first to get Nukhed.
It is Z-Fod's job to denukh the candidate.
by Mr.T the Destroyer February 13, 2007
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