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Pronounced (NOOGA-TEHRY-EN). A Nugatarian is another word for a nug of marijuana. It is specifically used for "Cannabis Sativa", for the simple fact that Sativa's make you hyper and giggly. Nugatarian is used as a funny way to say nug. It is made to sound more catchy and interesting. This is because it sounds like the best munchy-snack ever made.
Buyer: Hey bud, u got that fresh Bahama Breeze Strain?

Dealer: Yeah fasho i got the hook, also u wanna by some hash.

Buyer: Thats hella random bro, im just eating with my friends and u come up and ask my if i want hash.

Dealer: So?

Buyer: Nvm, yeah im finnen for the Bahama Breeze, are the nugs fat?

Dealer: What are nugs.... OH u mean NUGATARIANS. Bud, these r some of the most delicious, crystalized, and fat nugs that u would find in the east bay.

Buyer: Hahaha "NUGATARIANS", damn bud that sounds like some kind of amazing desert, but aight k call me after class so i can get the hook.

Dealer: DAIGHT!
by BMOYJRFBSRC April 01, 2010
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