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Word used to describe the most revolutionary blogging system ever created. NuTang is a free service, with loads and loads of features. It never gets boring. Chock-full of interesting and astonishing people.
y0, Check out my nuTang.

NuTang is so cool.

NuTang r0x0r!
by Yenamaboya January 14, 2004
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Nu Tang is a pop/hip hop group out of Greensboro, NC, although many of the members are from the Metro area.

Nu Tang consists of several memebers who started their group after realizing hip hop was dead.

Nu Tang is heavily influenced by the Wu Tang Clan and Eminem, as well as many underground rappers such as GDP, Saigon, Emily Rugburn, Shape, and the rest of Division East Records. Nu Tang is currently signed to their own production company, Empty Mailbox Productions, but is looking for a legit label to sign with. They produced their 1st demo entitled "Step to the NU" in late December and their 1st full length album "How to Draw a Superhero" is due out in mid-April.
Have you heard the new Nu Tang single, "Turn My Blank On?" It's ill.
by KidKamehameha March 21, 2009
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