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Emo of the new age. "Emo" bands formed from the late 1990s to the gay 2000s with whiny and repetitive lyrics and music. People such as prepmos usually listen to this genre. It's mainstream. And if it's not already, it will be.

Nu Emo consists of: Hawthorne Heights, Taking Back Sunday, Senses Fail, and many other bands with ovaries (according to the flash emogame)
Subgenres of Nu Emo are: Post Harcore such as Underoath, Pop Punk such as Hit the Lights, Pop Rock such as Panic! At the Disco, and what some people like to think of as "Rock" which in their minds would be The Used. pshhh.

Other bands such as AFI can not be categorized as Nu Emo being that they started in the early 1990s. Yeah, bitches betcha didn't know that. But, of course look at them now. Two words: sold out.

Emo was basically started from a band call Sunny Day Real Estate. Another popular band is Dashboard Confessional which is totally mainstream as we know it today. Thanks MTV, thanks. But these two bands among several others are really considered to be of the alternative indie rock persuasion. Don't be fooled kids, MTV changes facts, perspectives, and opinions. It's evil; save yourselves.

Honestly, I don't know why people follow this crap.
Prepmo Jane: EH I love this new AFI album 'DECEMBERUNDERGROUND'
Musical Mary: Okay, and what about 'Answer That and Stay Fashionable' or 'Very Proud of Ya'?
Jane: What? Um. 'Sing the Sorrow' was good too.
Mary: Yes, okay. Just go listen to your dumb Nu Emo, you mainstream MTV whore.
Jane: Weeeeeeeeeee!
by fuckingay August 15, 2006
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The more modern day version of 'Emo.' Usually, they seem to be more happier than a regular Emo and dress in much more flashy, bright outfits.

Not to be confused with 'Scene.'

The key factor that separates Nu Emo from Scene is that Nu Emo kids have a more calm hair-style and are generally depressed, whiny, and hate their life (like a regular emo) even if they don't show it in public.

Similar to Scemo, but has it's differences.
Dave: Look at that stupid scene fag lol.
Sally: He's not scene. I see him crying in between classes. He's a nu emo fag.
Dave: oh. still gay.
by MlTTENS March 23, 2010
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