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Someone with a attention span of a turtle.

Derives from the Starbound character, the Novakid.
"I was going to finish my drawing, but then I got distracted by some memes on the internet."
"You're such a novakid."
by Harpolias January 21, 2017
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Stuck up spoiled kids with no culture or soul due to spending formative years in the suburbs of DC. Unlike suburbs in Maryland or Delaware, the NOVA kids are characterized by a trademark disassociation with reality. Where a kid from Maryland might be aware of how much his life sucks and what a set of hypocrites his parents are, a NOVA Kid will defend his dads job at the pentagon with sayings like "if you only knew what i knew" and "my dad works for the pentagon so he knows things" Frequently this argument is with a kid whose dad is on a battle ship out of Norfolk getting shot at because of the pentagon kids dads idiocy. The only area of the country with a problem anything like that of NOVA kids is, LA Kids.
Owner of House throwing party in RVA: "What the hell is that smell?"

VCU student from Tysons Corner: "Oh thats some of my friends from highschool smokeing meth in the corner, why want some?"

Guy in band from VaBeach: "fucking NOVA kids..."
by Jesus Filth March 27, 2010
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