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A server-like community which almost all of Novalogic* games are played. Right now most players are played on NovaWorld 2. However, each game has its own "World", so that you can play the game that is on your game advantage of NovaWorld games are that, it is an immense gameplay (each stat server can have up to 32 players) and a very large map (the Volex engine, used by many NW games, can have terrain up to 60km squared). But on the downside, because the area is not restricted, so a sniper player, may just go hide in the mountain 4 km away from the main battlefield, and start punching people who are unware of the sniper. Also it's a fact-based game, so that there won't be powerups (except for "medic kit", which revive "dead" player if they are lucky enough)'s best that you actually play some of those games, to get a full understanding of it. I've just covered some minor.
Just go to * to check it out. Right now they are working on a new title called Xtreme...
TTTTT PWNED!!! YAA m1a1 is for noob
by esgargot gary April 03, 2005
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