when one speaks a collection of words each being completely irrelvant to the last and having no correlation in the sentences they make but are simply the immediate reaction to the word they just said and repeat in a continuous random cycle. Usually performed while blazed.

More simply: you say a word you think sounds cool or is in your head and just immediatly say the next word to come to your head
Chris had some trippy nothing talk last night he was like "pencils in my lap falling from the sky then up to the groud all around in a cycle you see with the cell phones dancing in the polyurethane protective eyeware that drips from the sun frollicking with the mischevious actions achieving the great impossible desperation from under my chair that i tie into a knot and swing it around my arms, not too tight, but like an orange peel collapsing from beneath my soul"
by patjc April 3, 2008
Talking in the abstract, forgetting to link concepts to actual things that exist in the world. Not talking about anything real or meaningful, but merely talking for the sake of talking.
"If you just start doing drugs you'll waste away your life, what are you gonna do, just sit around and be a failure?"

"That doesn't even mean anything, it's just nothing-talk"
by TheModernMountainMan February 17, 2010