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A bike above all bike, black in colour with fleck's of yellow and brilliance. Not a standard run of the mill two wheeled wonder machine but one only the divined can operate..
Some say the overwhelming power of NotDeryck is generated from what most would class as a cycling Goddess known as Sarah, one with thundering speed, accuracy, crisp lines and grace(like a ballerina on two wheels)

NotDeryck turns hills to flat roads and rocks to dust, leaving all who watch in astonished wonder!

Unlike an Urban legend, NotDeryck and his cycling Goddess known as Sarah can be fleetingly seen like striking lighting on the most adventurous parks and mtb tracks throughout NZ.

NotDeryck befriends only the privileged and legend has it Redastical and his riding Ninja known as Johnny are one of those.
Only the privileged and skilled can ride NotDeryck.
by Redastredastical November 21, 2017
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